Long Time Love

I was recently at the airport waiting for my brother to arrive. It  had been a long day.. my feet hurt, I had a headache, and the security was really tight. As time was going by pretty quickly yet slowly at the same time, I was watching all of the family, friends, and loved ones who were being reunited as they just came off of the plane. Some ran into each other’s arms, others held signs up and were ecstatic.  What really caught my eye though, was this one particular couple. There was this older man, who looked to be in his 80’s. He was standing by himself for a minute. I traced where his eyes were locked with my head as his wife walks around the corner of the airport. This man had the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen in the longest time. As his wife got closer to him, he took her bags and gave her the biggest, warmest hug. The woman’s face was adorable with a beautiful smile. They walked away with his arm around her while he carried her bag. Witnessing this small action made my mood ten times better. Who knew just standing in an airport, you can be inspired. This is the true definition of love lasting a lifetime.



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